Monday, 11 April 2011

Tomorrow When the War Began

Stuart Beattie

Caitlin Stasey
Rachel Hurd-Wood
Lincoln Lewis
Colin Friels

Running Time:
104 Minutes


It’s almost impossible these days to make a teen movie without it being incredibly clique; unfortunately Tomorrow When the War Began is no exception, with its American high school stereotypes and cringe worthy dialogue that will make you laugh out loud in the cinema. Adapted from an award winning book series, it follows a group of small town Australian teenagers going camping into the outback, but when they return home they find that all their friends and family have been captured by a mysterious Asian army. Instead of running and hiding the ill-equipped teenagers wage war on the invading army and try to win back their home town. Just by reading the synopsis you can tell how ridiculous the movie is and it is not helped by its soap style acting, fronted by neighbours star Caitlin Stasey. Although the film is generally terrible it does have a lot of funny and equally thrilling moments which in the end makes it quite enjoyable, this is one of those movies where you just need to stop thinking for two hours and go with it.

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