Sunday, 10 April 2011

Killing Bono

Nick Hamm

Ben Barnes
Robert Sheehan
Pete Postlethwaite 
Krysten Ritter

Running time:
144 minutes


In most coming of age stories there is a deep moralistic message that shows its face towards the end and tries to persuade you to change the way you live your life. This is not the case for Killing Bono and is perhaps the reason why the film never really lifts off the ground. From the writer of The Commitments comes a true story about two brothers who grew up with the members of U2 trying to replicate their success, but only end up failing time after time. The best thing about the film is the array of young talented actors, who give the unlikable characters several hilarious moments. U2 fans may be disappointed though as the film only features one U2 song and problems with the narrative brings it down due to a few ridiculous subplots and the constant failure of the brothers turning into a rather annoying gimmick. Even though there are a lot of problems with the film, its worth seeing just for the great Pete Postlethwaite’s last ever performance.


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  1. I want to watch this, the subject matter itself is intriguing and for the Pete Postlethwaite reason. I'm seeing a U2 concert in July so it'll be quite timely.