Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Richard Ayoade

Craig Roberts
Yasmin Paige 
Sally Hawkins
Noah Taylor
Paddy Considine

Running time:
97 minutes


If I was only allowed to recommend one film from the year so far, this would be it. Submarine documents the coming of age story of Oliver Tate, who is trying to lose his virginity before he turns 16 and keep his parents from splitting up. Although this is Richard Ayoade's debut feature film it is incredibly cinematic, with its picturesque shots of rural Wales and the use of Super-8 mm film, there isn't much Ayoade is affraid to do. The only downside to this film is the first half is a little boring as it is merely an introduction to the characters and situation. The second half is where the characters start to come out and you really start to enjoy the film. Like a lot of coming of age stories not much happens, but despite of this it is hilarious and you would be an idiot not to like it.


Jaume Collet-Serra

Liam neeson
Diane Kruger
January Jones
Bruno Ganz

Running time:
113 minutes


Liam Neeson returns for another action thriller playing that characters he seems to play a lot recently. Neeson plays Dr Martin Harris travelling with his wife to Berlin for a biotechnology summit, but ends up in a car accident and when he awakes from a four day coma finds out a mysterious man has stolen his identity. From the look of the trailer it comes across as just another action thriller and although it borrows from a lot of other films, it is actually quite good. It has everything you expect from this genre, such as car chases and fist fights, and there is even an adequate twist near the end. So although the film itself is very unoriginal, it sets out to do what it was meant to do and keep its audience on the edge of their seats throughout the movie.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Hall Pass

Bobby & Peter Farrelly

Owen Wilson
Jason Sudeikis
Christina Applegate
Stephen Merchant

Running Time:
105 minutes


The Farrelly brothers are back with another gross out comedy about two sex obessed men whose wives give them a week off from marriage to do whatever they want without consequence, hoping it will make their marriages stronger at the end. Although the film has a good cast the characters are very unlikable, which is a problem for a film about people overcoming their problems; the men are selfish towards their wives and the women are hypocrites, doing in the end what they accused their husbands of doing. The movie does have a lot of laugh out loud moments, but the comedy is cheap and has all been done before. If you are looking for nothing more than unintelligent sex based humour then this is perfect for you.

Battle: Los Angeles

Jonathan Liebesman

Aaron Eckhart, 
Michelle Rodriguez, 
Bridget Moynahan

Running time:
116 minutes


If you're going to the cinema with the expectation of this being another mediocre alien invasion movie, then you're right. Battle LA has gone for a more realistic look then most alien invasion movies and the cgi is impressive to say the least; but even this doesn't help the drab plotline. Over the course of the film you follow a platoon of U.S marines lead by Aaron Eckhart trying to save civilians and get out of the infected area before it is bombed. Despite the cliched plot and script, the cinematography is impressive and gives you the feel that you are among the soldiers. Although the film is extremely pro-American, it is generally exciting and if you are the kind of person who loves movies packed with gun fights and explosions, don't hesistate on going to see it.