Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Richard Ayoade

Craig Roberts
Yasmin Paige 
Sally Hawkins
Noah Taylor
Paddy Considine

Running time:
97 minutes


If I was only allowed to recommend one film from the year so far, this would be it. Submarine documents the coming of age story of Oliver Tate, who is trying to lose his virginity before he turns 16 and keep his parents from splitting up. Although this is Richard Ayoade's debut feature film it is incredibly cinematic, with its picturesque shots of rural Wales and the use of Super-8 mm film, there isn't much Ayoade is affraid to do. The only downside to this film is the first half is a little boring as it is merely an introduction to the characters and situation. The second half is where the characters start to come out and you really start to enjoy the film. Like a lot of coming of age stories not much happens, but despite of this it is hilarious and you would be an idiot not to like it.

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