Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Eagle

Kevin Macdonald

Channing Tatum
Jamie Bell
Donald Sutherland
Mark Strong

Running Time:
114 Minutes


When you’re going to see a Roman historic epic you expect to see huge empires and choreographed sword fights, The Eagle has none, in fact the whole film is set in the Scottish wilderness and the battle scenes are an out of focus mass brawl. The film is set in 140 AD and tells the tale of a Roman officer (Tatum) venturing into North Britain with his slave (Bell) to recover a golden eagle that his father lost 20 years before. An overall good performance from Bell, but it’s hard to say the same for Tatum as he refuses to lose his American accent, the two actors do seem to have chemistry though and if the film is trying to give a message about two people from two very different background becoming friends, then it is lost amongst the gay undertones. The one positive thing about the film is the beautiful shots of the Scottish countryside, but this alone is not enough to save this slow placed film. 

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